Hässleholm tourist center

Hässleholm Tourist Center

  1. Are there any bicycle trails in the surroundings of Hässleholm?

    Go out and explore the landscape by bike

    Take your bike out, put your helmet on and go for a cycle tour around Hässleholm.

    Cykelleden Skåne is a regional cycling route that stretches between Kristianstad and Ängelholm. It is divided into three sections. In total, the cycle route is 57 miles long and passes through 17 municipalities in Skåne. Hässleholm municipality has the most kilometers of the route, with 70 kilometers. Through the sections of the Cykelleden Skåne you as a cyclist get to experience the great variety that the Skåne landscape offers.


    Along the Göinge route and the Northern forest route you get some interesting pieces of history and pleasant sightseeing. Enjoy your own packed picnic or take your coffee stop or lunch at any of the cafés or restaurants along the way. If you want to go for a longer ride, there are maps on how to go around lake Finjasjön or to the neighbour municipality of Kristianstad.

    Maps are available at the Medborgarkontoret / Infopoint in Stadshuset (City Hall), Hässleholm. Digitally, the maps are in the links below:

    Mountainbike trails

    In the forests around Hovdala Nature Area there is a 37 kilometres long MTB trail for competitions every Autumn. You can use the trail throughout the year, but please notice that there are no signs along the trail and it is not continously maintained.

    There is also a shorter trail of 7 kilometres in Mölleröd just to the north of the Finjasjön lake.

    Maps of the trails are available at Medborgarkontoret in the City Hall of Hässleholm (Stadshuset) or at Hovdala Castle. Or download the maps here:

    Bicycle roads in Hässleholm municipality

    Hässleholm municipality is actively working to contribute to increased cycling. In the area there is a well-developed bicycle road network, about 93 kilometers of pedestrian and bicycle paths, which is constantly improving.

    Map of Hässleholm municipality's cycle paths Pdf, 11.9 MB.

    Where can I rent a bicycle?

    Rent a bike

    Is it allowed to cycle on hiking trails, in exercise tracks and in nature in general?

    The hiking trails in Hässleholm municipality are for those who wants to experience nature on foot.

    The trails are based on agreements with landowners in relation to walkers. Cycling are therefore not recommended along trails and footpaths in the countryside!

    Cycling in the municipality´s exercise tracks is prohibited!

    According to the Right of public access, it is possible to cycle gently in nature if you do not damage the ground, for example along roads. Avoid cycling with rough-treaded tires on fragile grounds, cycling on paths when the ground is wet and adjust your cycling style to the ground condition.

    In the event of a conflict with landowners, you can not claim that you are allowed to cycle on the municipality's trails with reference to the municipality of Hässleholm or Region Skåne.

    Please take care of nature so we all can continue to enjoy it - even in the future!

    A little child is cycling beside his dad who is jogging by Magle wetlands.

    A cycling and jogging tour in Magle wetland area, Hässleholm. Photo: Johan Funke

  2. Where can I rent a boat or a canoe?

    Rent a boat when trying your fishing luck in some of our lakes in Hässleholm municipality, or try canoeing in Lursjön or Vittsjön:


    Tostarps camping, läger-och kursgård External link.

    Hästveda/Lursjön and Tydingesjön:
    Lursjöbadens camping External link, opens in new window., rowing boats and canoes

    Tydingesjöns camping External link, opens in new window., rowing boat

    Göran Bengtsson, rowing boat, phone number: +46 (0)708-95 23 03

    Pål Börjesson, boat and canoe, phone number: +46 (0)768-82 04 06

    Vittsjö camping External link, opens in new window., rowing boats and canoes

    Small boats in the little harbour in Finjasjö lake.

    Tormestorp, Finjasjön. Photo: Johan Funke

  3. Is there a bus service to Tykarpsgrottan?

    It is not possible to travel by bus to Tykarpsgrottan in Ignaberga, only if you are prepared to stay overnight at the camping (there are a few cottages that you can pre-book) and travel back the next day.

    A trip to the Tykarp´s cave is made by a taxi provided by Skånetrafiken, and you need to pre-book it at least two hours before departure at Skånetrafiken, phone number: +46 (0)771-77 44 99.


    This is how you buy your ticket by Skånetrafiken External link, opens in new window.

    Timetable with pre-booked service to Ignaberga External link, opens in new window.


    A group of people in different ages on a guided tour in the pillared halls down under in Tykarp´s cave.

    A guided tour in Tykarp´s cave. Photo: Tykarpsgrottan

  4. Charging an electric car.

    Charging an electric car. Photo: Pexels.com

  5. Dog bathing facilities

    There is no dedicated dog bathing facility in Hässleholm or its surrounding area, but the Swedish Right of Public Access means that your dog can swim anywhere except at the public bathing places.

    Appropriate places for dog bathing are:

    Guldkusten (Finjasjön) and Lursjöbaden (Hästveda, in a specially designated place).

    Rights and responsibilities of Allemansrätten - the Right of Public Access External link, opens in new window.

    A Golden retriever is smelling at a mushroom that stands nicely in the moss.

    Photo: Ingmar Kristiansson

  6. When is Hästveda Fair?

    The traditional family market in Hästveda dates back to the latter half of the 19th century. The market is held the second week in July (Wednesday and Thursday) every year. The popular animal market is always on the Thursday morning from 07.00-14.00. 

    Hästveda Fair External link, opens in new window.  

    Horses for sale at Hästveda fair.

    Hästveda Fair. Photo: Helén Clargården

  7. Where can I go hiking and overnight in nature?

    Magic nature experinces in Hässleholm

    Hässleholm municipality has a rich and varied range for those who love outdoor activities and hiking experiences. Here are both shorter walking paths and exercise trails as well as longer half and full day options. You can hike in the same nature area for several days at a time if you want. For example, in the magical rooms at Hovdala Hiking Center there is a piece of Scanian nature and culture at its best!

    Hiking around Hässleholm

    The overnight is a part of the adventure

    Hovdala Hiking Centre

    At Hovdala Hiking Center you can stay overnight at the campsite "Between dusk and dawn" with three unique, architect designed windshields named Birk, Birka and Ronja. Here, next to the Tree House, lonely hikers as well as families or smaller groups can pre-book a night in the shelters. You may get the feeling of how it is to stay inside a birch trunk. With a nice view out of the lake Finjasjön and parts of the nature area it will be an experience to remember.

    At Hovdala nature area there are also two traditional wind shelters - without possibilities for pre-booking - at Hässleholmsgården, two kilometers from the centre of Hässleholm, and at the ridge Göingeåsen in the eastern part of the nature area, with lovely views towards the evening sun.

    Pre-book the shelters Birk, Birka och Ronja
    Wind shelters at Hovdala Hiking Centre

    Skåneleden Trails

    Along Skåneleden trails there are wind shelters at following sites:


    Hässleholmsgården, about 2 kilometres from the centre of Hässleholm
    Lägerplats Göingeåsen
    Lillsjödal, south of Hässleholm


    Hårsjö, west of Vittsjö
    Ubbalt, east of Vittsjö
    Verum, east of Vittsjö

    In Vedema recreation area, north of Hässleholm, there are two plain overnight cabins to stay in for free. There is also a wind shelter. Skåneleden trail North-south passes Vedema.

    Vedema recreation area External link, opens in new window.

    Skåneleden trails External link, opens in new window.

    Stay in a tent

    You may stay in a tent for a night or two in the countryside. Remember not to distroy anything in nature and to pitch the tent in a suitable place – in other words, where farming is not carried on and not too close to a residence. Indeed, the greater the risk of disturbing someone, all the greater reason there is to ask for permission.

    Allemansrätten - the Right of Public Access External link.

    Two of the unique wind shelters at Hovdala which are nicely embedded in a birch grove.

    Stay the night in the unique wind shelters at Hovdala. Photo: Ingmar Kristiansson

  8. When are the Medieval Days at Hovdala Castle?

    Always on Friday and Saturday in the week of the Ascension Day.

    Medieval Days and the Knights´ Tournament External link, opens in new window.

    Is there a bus service to Hovdala Castle and the Hiking Centre?

    From May 1 to September 30 2023 you can go from Hässleholm C to Hovdala castle with a
    pre-booked taxi. You have to book your trip at least two hours before departure. Please call Skånetrafiken at phone number: +46 (0)771-77 44 99.

    If you plan to travel early in the morning it is recommended to book the trip the day before. If you travel in a group consisting of more than four persons you will have to book the trip five days in advance.

    You can also take the city bus no 3 (green bus) "Stadsbuss" from Hässleholm C to Tormestorp. The last bus stop is Spraglerödsvägen and from here it´s a 2 km walk over Äspehöjden along Posta Nilla's trail further down to the castle.

    Timetable for bus no 3 External link, opens in new window.

  9. Parking in Hässleholm

    Is there a long time parking lot in Hässleholm?

    There is a long time parking lot in connection with the train station in the centre of Hässleholm. It is situated at Magasinsgatan, west of the train station. Maximum 7 days.

    Parking garage on Magasinsgatan near Norra Station, 4 SEK/hour, open 24/7.

    The communities in Hässleholm municipality, that can be reached by train, also have long term parking lots. These communities are Sösdala, Tyringe, Vinslöv, Bjärnum and Ballingslöv.

    Parking in Hässleholm External link.

  10. When is the raft in Helgeå river available?

    Viåeleden is a popular hiking trail east of Vittsjö in the northern part of Hässleholm municipality. You are only able to walk the whole trail round when a raft is placed in Helge å river (near Skeingeborg).

    Normally, the raft is in water between the middle of May to the end of October. However, this depends on weather and can vary from one year to another.

    Status report:
    The raft is stored for winter from November 1. The trail is entirely accessible again from May 1, 2024.


    A raft in Helge å river at Vieåleden trail.

    The raft in Helge å river at Vieåleden trail. Photo: Henrik Samevik

  11. What is Right of the Public Access?

    In Sweden we have a unique opportunity to roam freely in nature. You make use of the right of public access when you go for a walk in the forest, paddle a canoe or just sit on a rock and think. In order for everyone to enjoy nature, we need to take care of both nature and wildlife an show consideration for landowners and others who are outdoors.


    We can sum this up with the phrase ”Don’t disturb – don’t destroy”. Take notice of how to act when doing different kinds of activities:

    Allemansrätten - The right of public access External link, opens in new window.

    Two girls taking a break in the grass next to a lake.

    Enjoy the Swedish nature and wildlife. Photo: Johan Funke

  12. Can you book Hovdala Treeehouse alla year round?

    Treehouse Hovdala operates a restaurant and conference center in Hovdala Treehouse. On Fridays to Sundays, you can pre-book a tasting menu featuring food made from scratch, with a focus on local and seasonal organic ingredients. Creative meetings are also offered in a magical environment.


    Opening hours for Treehouse Hovdala External link.


    Please note that access to the view from the building is only available if you have a table reservation in the restaurant, but you are welcome to enjoy the view from the ground level and the surrounding area. Here you will also find The Ground, which offers a street food experience in the forest.

    The Ground External link.

    Tree house is situated in a beautiful setting in a beech forest.

    Tree house in beautiful setting. Photo: Sven Persson/swelo.se

  13. Where can I go fishing?

    There are many excellent opportunities for fishing in Hässleholm municipality - in lakes, rivers or "put & take". A fishing permit is required for most waters, see map and information about point of sales further down.

    Map with fishing possibilites in Hässleholm area Pdf, 10.3 MB.

    Three men in a boat are fishing in Finjasjön lake.

    Go fishing by boat is the best way in Finjasjö lake. Photo: Johan Funke

    Buy your fishing license and rent a boat at following point of sales

    (see the numbers of fishing waters at the map above)

    Please dial +46 for Sweden, before following phone numbers. And exclude the first 0 in the area code, for example +46 (0)451- 403 05.

    1. Algustorpssjön

    Eel fishing is prohibited.

    Fishing license & boat/canoe rental:
    Pål Börjesson 0768-82 04 06
    Stefan Pålsson 076-890 07 79
    Fishing license:

    24:ans present import, Äljalt 0451-400 67

    Pål Börjesson 0768-82 04 06

    2. Almaån övre

    Eel fishing is prohibited.

    Fishing license:
    Sportfiske & VVS Bolaget, Coop Hässleholm 0451-826 00
    Ifiske External link, opens in new window.

    Rune Karlsson 0737-45 37 54

    3. Almaån mellersta

    Eel fishing is prohibited.

    Fishing license:
    Fjärlöv Thomas Nilsson 0708-75 95 86
    Martin Jönsson 0706-33 70 10

    Martin Jönsson 0706-33 70 10 

    4. Ballingslövssjön/Ottarpssjön

    Fishing license:
    Ottarps Torp 0451-340 16
    Sportfiske & VVS Bolaget, Coop Hässleholm, 0451-826 00
    Ifiske External link, opens in new window.

    Peter Axelsson 0708-24 62 07
    Pål Carlquist 0703-66 35 93

    5. Bjärlången/Dalsjön

    Fishing license:

    ST1-macken, Bjärnum 0771-36 93 69
    Ifiske External link, opens in new window.


    Jan Nordstrand 070-299 52 39

    6. Brännvinsdammarna put & take, Vinneå

    Fishing license & contact:

    Victor Lindholm 0707-30 04 95

    Ifiske External link, opens in new window.

    7. Finjasjön

    Fishing license:
    Sportfiskebolaget, Hässleholm 0451-826 00
    Trästället, Skyrup 0451-532 99
    FCT Köpcenter, Tyringe 0451-568 50
    City Gross, Hässleholm 0451-77 61 00
    Peter Nilsson 0708-28 08 40

    Peter Nilsson 0708-28 08 40 / 0451-826 65
    Leif Åkesson 0709-18 61 20

    Ifiske External link, opens in new window.

    8. Humlesjön

    Fishing license and boat:

    At residents by the lake, see information boards on site.
    Jenny Persson 0761-26 04 92
    Anna Maja Wihlborg 0705-40 32 10

    9. Luhrsjön

    Fishing license:
    Luhrsjöbaden, Hästveda 0451-304 61
    Christensens Bygg & Foder, Hästveda 0451-300 45
    Ifiske External link, opens in new window.

    Luhrsjöbadens camping 0451-304 15
    Kristofer Brännström 0734-34 47 40

    10. Möllerödssjön

    Fishing license:
    Barbro Gunnarsson 0708-12 11 54
    ST1-macken, Bjärnum 0771-36 93 69

    Barbro Gunnarson 0708-12 11 54

    11. Skeingesjön

    Eel fishing prohibited.
    Fishing license:

    Konsum, Osby 0479-126 50
    Johannessons Tapetserarverkstad, Björkeberga 0451-77 20 35
    Sven Ralsgård, Maglaröd 0451-77 21 33
    Ifiske External link, opens in new window.

    12. Svenstorpssjön

    Fishing license & boat:

    Viggo Kallerup, Västra Torup 0703-46 33 53


    Viggo Kallerup, 0703-46 33 53

    13. Tofta- och Tviggasjöarna (västra och östra)

    Fishing license:
    Sven-Arne Nilsson 0734-21 36 10
    Nils Christensson 0708-11 78 09

    Sven-Arne Nilsson 0734-21 36 10

    14. Tydinge/Kallsjön

    Fishing license and information about fishing and boat rental can be found on the link to I-fiske below.
    If you want to buy a physical fishing license, contact:
    Lindvalls järn, Broby 044-402 00
    SportfiskeBolaget 0451-826 00
    Christensson Bygg & Foder, Hästveda 0451-300 45
    Ifiske External link, opens in new window.

    15. Verktygsdammen i Tyringe - put & take


    Jonas Klein, 0763-16 74 74

    16. Vinslövssjön

    Fishing license:
    Fishing permitted from 1 April to 30 September

    Vinslövsvapen, Vinslöv 044-12 15 21
    Matöppet, Vinslöv 044-800 32
    Vinslövs Camping 070-207 76 79

    Peter Elofsson 0734-43 09 30

    17. Vittsjön

    Lillasjö, Högholmsjön, Oresjön, Mellomsjön, Pickelsjön, Lehultasjön, Hårsjön,
    Gustav Adolf-ån and part of Vieån are included.
    Fishing license:
    Vittsjöhallen 0451-231 37
    Vittsjö Camping 0451- 224 89
    Café Sjöstugan (sommartid) 0451-230 35
    Thomas Nilsson 0706-93 14 06
    Ifiske External link, opens in new window.

    Vittsjö Camping 0451-224 89

    Thomas Nilsson 0706-93 14 06
    Mikael Jönsson 0736- 49 09 30

    18. Wyrd put & take, Emmaljunga

    Fishing license & contact:

    Wyrd P&T 0730-92 90 01

    Wyrd fly fishing External link, opens in new window.
    Ifiske External link, opens in new window.

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