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Hovdala Slott

Hovdala slott

Sleep in a unique wind shelter

Spending the night in nature is an exciting part of your hiking experience. Don´t miss a night at the beautiful campsite "Between Dusk and Dawn" at Hovdala Hiking Centre. Here you find unique and architecht designed wind shelters located at a site with a stunning view of Finjasjö lake. This is maybe one of Sweden´s most cosy campsites? Welcome to a magical place for rest and adventure!

En flicka ligger i en sovsäck i ett vindskydd och pappan hjälper henne.

Make your overnight stay an adventure! Photo: Johan Funke

Skön utsikt från vindskyddet Birk på lägerplatsen Mellan skymning och gryning.

A nice view from the unique wind shelters. Photo: Ingmar Kristiansson

Please note!

You can only book the wind shelters 90 days before arrival day!

Book a shelter

The wind shelters Birk, Birka och Ronja have to be pre-booked and you are then guranteed at place to stay the night. Whether you come alone, arrive with your family or other small group you have the opportunity to get a good night´s sleep, with protection from rain and heavy winds. All trails pass near this campsite.

You sleep on benches in your own sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Birk and Birka fits 2-4 people and Ronja 5-7 people. In total, there is room for 9-15 people approximately. Pets are welcome to stay in Birka. At the camp site there is a picnic table, barbecue and toilet. Smoking is not allowed, neither in the windbreaks nor at the camp site. There is firewood in the wind shelters on arrival (for at least one round of cooking).

How much does it cost?

One night in Birk or Birka costs SEK 300. Ronja is SEK 500 per night.

Drinking water facilities

Closest water facilities for drinking water are located at Trädhuset/the Tree house ("under" the house near the viewing point).

At Boketorp, southwest of the castle, there is a water tap open 24-7 at the gable of the yellow building. In the red building there are also toilets, open between 6 am til 11 pm, all year.

From a water tap at Dallerödsladan (the red barn along the road in Dalleröd), north of the Treehouse, you can get water used for cleaning and washing up. Please note that this water is not tested for drinking!

How to make a reservation

You make a request by using the link below. You will first have to register to get a login. Click on "Registration" in the green menu bar at the top of the booking page. When you have received login information, select shelter and send us your request.

Please note that you must have a personal identity number (Swedish) to be able to register as described above. Otherwise - please send us an e-mail: and we will be glad to help you!

Booking information

  • You have access to the booked shelter from 4 pm on the day of arrival to 10 am on checkout day. The area is supervised daily around 10 am by staff from Hässleholm municipality. During daytime the site is used by schools and other groups.
  • Guests are responsible for cleaning and locking the shelters after use.
  • An invoice for the booking fee will be sent afterwards.
  • Booking requests are only handled on weekdays. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to
  • You can only book a shelter 90 days before arrival day.
  • Please call +46-72 389 87 70 (weekdays 8 am until 9 pm and weekends 8 am until 5 pm) for access code. Let us know your booking number and which shelter you have booked. You cannot send any text messages to this phone number!
  • Cancellations must be made no later than three working days before arrival. On weekends, contact us at the phone number above.
  • Directions to the campsite and Trädhuset External link, opens in new window.


If you need to get hold of someone during your stay in Birk, Birka or Ronja, please contact Hässleholms municipality at phone number +46-72 389 87 70. We will answer your call on weekdays from 8 am - 9 pm, or Saturdays and Sundays between 8 am
and 5 pm. Please note that you cannot send any text messages to this phone number!

The smaller shelters Birk and Birka at the campsite beside The Treehouse.

The smaller shelters Birk and Birka. Photo: Ingmar Kristiansson

Interior from the wind shelter Birka.

Book a night in Birka (excl. Interior decor). Photo: Carina Jönsson Lindholm

View from Birka.

View from Birka. Photo: Carina Jönsson Lindholm

A beautiful view of the lake with a rest area in front.

Enjoy the beautiful view from campsite. Photo: Carina J Lindholm

A girl is standing with her arms up in the sky in front of the shelter Ronja.

Spending the night in Ronja is a unique experience. Photo: Sanna Rosell

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