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Hovdala Slott

Hovdala slott

The History of Hovdala Castle

Hovdala Castle is situated near the shores of Finja lake, in the municipality of Hässleholm. During the summer, visitors can go for walks and hear the sheep bleating from the south-east hills. That is where, several centuries before, the first Hovdala Castle stood.


In order to keep the castle secure during war times, Hovdala was transferred in the 16th century to it´s present site. The wall ties to the north enfilade form the date 1511. Hovdala was protected by moats filled with water, which still surround part of the castle, but are now dry. Due to its location, Hovdala Castle has in many ways had a pivotal position in the Swedish-Danish war in the 17th century.

The lofty gate tower on the front, on which we can read the inscription 1600, is still bearing the marks of the violent battles during the Kalmar War of the early 17th century. Moreover, during the Skåne War (1675 to 1679), the Danish troops assaulted the castle and partly destroyed it by fire on the 7th august 1678. Hovdala was rebuilt by its owner Jens Mikkelsen, as a result of his service to king Carl XI during the war; Mikkelsen was rewarded and ennobled with the name Ehrenborg 1687. Nine generations of the Ehrenborg family lived in Hovdala until the 1980s.


The castle has recently been brought back to life, thanks to the restoration project by the National property Board in collaboration with the Municipality of Hässleholm. In 1947 Hovdala was listed as a national heritage.


The main purpose of this restoration project was to let visitors effectively discern 500 years of Hovdala´s history through the different steps of the castle´s evolution.

photo: Rickard Hansson

photo: Jörgen alström

photo: Lina Holmberg

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