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Hovdala Slott

Hovdala slott

Park & Garden

photo: Marie Kåberg

The park constitutes a significant part of Hovdala´s cultural historical value. Ancient trees, the dry moats around the castle island and the massive old stone walls all give Hovdala its very characteristic air. A sense of peace, beauty and history seems settle around the place.


The beautiful Orangery from the end of the 18th century is open during the season and is much used for weddings. Outside the Orangery, you can admire the rare bladdernut tree, Staphylea pinnata. The bladdernut is one of the first beneficial and ornamental plants to have been introduced into Swedish gardens, and our example is reckoned to be one of the oldest in the country.

Hovdala castle grows all its own cutting flowers in the kitchen garden. The vegetable patches supplies our restaurant with many different varieties. All of our plants are brought on in our greenhouses, with excesses being sold to our visitors.


Take a walk along our "betrothal path" and pause for a while beside both of the "betrothal trees". And this might just be the day when Sigvard is here, cutting the grass with his horse-drawn mower.


The park and garden are open for visitors all year. Admission free.

photo: Jörgen Alström

photo: Hovdala castle

photo: Marie Kåberg

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