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Where can I go hiking and overnight in nature?

Magic nature experinces in Hässleholm

Hässleholm municipality has a rich and varied range for those who love outdoor activities and hiking experiences. Here are both shorter walking paths and exercise trails as well as longer half and full day options. You can hike in the same nature area for several days at a time if you want. For example, in the magical rooms at Hovdala Hiking Center there is a piece of Scanian nature and culture at its best!

Hiking around Hässleholm

The overnight is a part of the adventure

Hovdala Hiking Centre

At Hovdala Hiking Center you can stay overnight at the campsite "Between dusk and dawn" with three unique, architect designed windshields named Birk, Birka and Ronja. Here, next to the Tree House, lonely hikers as well as families or smaller groups can pre-book a night in the shelters. You may get the feeling of how it is to stay inside a birch trunk. With a nice view out of the lake Finjasjön and parts of the nature area it will be an experience to remember.

At Hovdala nature area there are also two traditional wind shelters - without possibilities for pre-booking - at Hässleholmsgården, two kilometers from the centre of Hässleholm, and at the ridge Göingeåsen in the eastern part of the nature area, with lovely views towards the evening sun.

Pre-book the shelters Birk, Birka och Ronja
Wind shelters at Hovdala Hiking Centre

Skåneleden Trails

Along Skåneleden trails there are wind shelters at following sites:


Hässleholmsgården, about 2 kilometres from the centre of Hässleholm
Lägerplats Göingeåsen
Lillsjödal, south of Hässleholm


Hårsjö, west of Vittsjö
Ubbalt, east of Vittsjö
Verum, east of Vittsjö

In Vedema recreation area, north of Hässleholm, there are two plain overnight cabins to stay in for free. There is also a wind shelter. Skåneleden trail North-south passes Vedema.

Vedema recreation area External link, opens in new window.

Skåneleden trails External link, opens in new window.

Stay in a tent

You may stay in a tent for a night or two in the countryside. Remember not to distroy anything in nature and to pitch the tent in a suitable place – in other words, where farming is not carried on and not too close to a residence. Indeed, the greater the risk of disturbing someone, all the greater reason there is to ask for permission.

Allemansrätten - the Right of Public Access External link.

Two of the unique wind shelters at Hovdala which are nicely embedded in a birch grove.

Stay the night in the unique wind shelters at Hovdala. Photo: Ingmar Kristiansson

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