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InfoPoints in Hässleholm municipality

Are you looking for inspiration and tips during your visit to Hässleholm municipality? Visit one of our InfoPoints that are scattered around the municipality. An InfoPoint is a simpler form of tourist information, where you can get inspiration, personal tips and answers to common questions about Hässleholm and the surrounding area. There are also tourist brochures and maps and most places offers free Wifi.

Photo of a man and a woman and a red house with an InfoPoint flag.

InfoPoint Tykarpsgrottan, Ignaberga. Photo: Ida Flygare

Find an InfoPoint

Use the map below to find the nearest InfoPoint. Press the icon beside "InfoPoints i Hässleholms kommun" to see a list of the names of all the InfoPoints. If you can't see the map with the infopoints below use this link instead:
Infopoints in the municipallity of Hässleholm External link, opens in new window.

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